Old Death Whisper is a cocktail of dirty western roots music and country tinged parlor tunes.

ODW loves good old country and folk music of early America. Sea shanties, spaghetti westerns (which we realize are Italian), railroad songs, road movies, pulp, noir, punk and rock and roll are among some of their influences. The tunes have diversity and yet a common thread of the love for American music. Whether it’s plugged in or broken down and acoustic; the live shows are full of piss and vinegar. Keeping their sound grounded in the roots of western American music, Old Death Whisper lets their sound drift into widescreen sonic voyages, down dusty trails, dirty back roads and seedy dive bars.


J.R. “Rico” Hood: Vox, Guitars

Kenton Mueller: Bass, Vox

Drew Tomseth: Traps, Snaps and Claps

Occasional players:

Mountain Marty Chandler

Spike Coggins