“…Old Death Whisper’s brand of country music is the rarest kind; the real shit. Old Death Whisper is what Roy Rogers would have sounded like if he’d grown up listening to punk rock.” -Josh Gross Boise Weekly



“The band describes it’s music as “Western Americana”, but that’s not even close. Mix Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens. Bob Dylan and Devo or the Sex Pistols with a dash of Stray Cats and you might get close. These guys are beyond genre… this was one of the most exciting and original music shows I’ve seen…” -Steve Tool at The Voice-La Grande

“…with four songwriters with diverse influences- blues, rockabilly, punk, country and honky-tonk, to name a few- it’s hard to pin them down as anything other than just raw musicians.” -Kate Elgee Sun Valley Magazine